Business & Tax Counsel for entities and individuals.

Areas of Practice


tax controversy & advisory

The economy is debt saddled and revenue is shrinking so the government necessarily focuses more and more attention on its revenue collection arm, the IRS.  A serious minded business person knows to keep counsel with a tax practitioner who can look at all transactions and advise on the initial structuring so as to save money and headaches in the future.  With over 17 years' experience in tax law both transactions and controversy, we are the counsel of choice to develop your idea and protect you from tax audits and levies including representing you in U.S. Tax Court if necessary.  IRS audits, tax lien, tax levy, wage garnishment, offers in compromise, real estate taxes, partnership taxes are issues we regularly resolve favorably for our clients.

estate planning

With longer lives becoming the norm, it has become imperative that in addition to traditional estate planning, individuals also plan for a long retirement.  Some of the areas we are able to help are:

Estate planning — arranging for wealth transfer through wills and trusts.
Asset protection — strategies to shield wealth from creditors and predators.
Business planning — considerations for formation, transactions and succession.
Probate administration — efficiently settling a family member’s estate.
Guardianship — managing the care and affairs of an incapacitated loved one.

contract litigation

We have extensive experience in litigating commercial disputes arising from contracts.  Our experience is in representing litigants in negotiations, civil action and settlement. We represent Oil and Gas entities in contract drafting and negotiations all the way through to litigation where necessary.

finance counsel

Small businesses flourish in an environment of easy access to capital.  Our clients have in us a resource to guide them through the new legal framework for bridging the gap between capital and entrepreneurs.  We represent accredited investors as well as startup entreprenuers in navigating and exploting the opportunities provided by the JOBS Act.